About the Club

African Day is a commercial wine club founded in 2002 for the sole purpose of sourcing good quality wines, many not generally available through traditional channels, then to make the best deal we can for the Wine farm, for you, the customer, and African Day.  If we can keep these elements in balance and harmony, then everyone benefits and ultimately profits.

Maintaining industry leadership through Relationship-based pricing

Our guarantee is also simple: if for any reason the wine you receive is not to your liking or taste, then put the empty or opened bottle(s) back in the box and I’ll collect it and refund you.  Also, with the exception of our “Sandy Bay” selections (self-explanatory, I hope), all our wines are labeled.  We can, however, source unlabeled wine for you should you want to label it yourself for Fundraising or Special Gifts.  In fact, let us put together a quote for you that includes designing and labeling the wine.

Quality first, then Value and Savings

Every month or so we put together 6 and 12 bottle packs of red and white wines.  These selections are simply to afford you a sampling of wines that we believe will complement any occasion that calls for wine.  However, you are not restricted to these wines; please feel free to create your own selection.  Similarly if you don’t see certain wines on our list, then ask about them, and allow us the chance to give you a quote.

A last word about our wine selections – many of them have been in the Club since our beginnings 8 years ago.  Just as we enjoy some extraordinary relationships with customers, so, too, do we have great love affairs with certain wines and wine estates.  To change simply for the sake of change is shallow and fairly meaningless; we believe that quality and taste reign supreme, and that unless something better comes along we will remain with what we know, love and enjoy.  And I know, from meeting every customer over the years, that many of you are delighted at being able to stock up on old favourites while also having the opportunity of trying something new.  That in short is why we are still in business – because we enjoy doing what we do and because you, our customers, invest in keeping us going!

So, come share and enjoy the wonderful world that is wine and African Day,

Malcolm Doyle-Davidson


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